Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Just Desserts

When it comes to preparing for the apocalypse, you can't fill your shelter with just desserts. However, when times re tough, you're hunkering down while disaster whirls around outside, some dessert might just be what the doctor ordered.

What desserts can you stock for the apocalypse though? Ice cream is out--no power means no freezer. Cakes and pies are also eliminated, as even if yo're using butane or alcohol stoves to cook. baking is going to be problematic, at best.

One of the simplest treats you can enjoy during disaster is also a favorite that many folks rarely have: s'mores.

No, you can't light up a campfire in your bunker (the carbon monoxide will kill you in enclosed spaces). But you can still cook a marshmallow--you just need the right tool, or rather, torch, for the job.

Using clean-burning butane, a creme brulee torch is perfect for roasting a marshmallow--preferably on speared with a metal fork so you don't ignite anything. 

Torch S'mores

Gram Crackers
Chocolate bar


Break off a small portion of chocolate bar and place it on a graham cracker. Have a second graham cracker piece ready. 

Spear your marshmallow with a metal fork and hold it over a porcelain or metal plate, away from anything flammable. Ignite the torch, keeping the flame aimed away from you. The hottest point of the flame is at the tip--pass this slowly back and forth over the marshmallow's surface, rotating it slowly. 

When your marshmallow is cooked to your preferred level, push it down on the chocolate and use the other graham cracker to hold it in place. Slide the fork free and enjoy. 

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